entomo stingers
Pests can be defined as organisms:-

Transmitting diseases and affecting health, Affecting the quality of life (stress, entomophobia), Causing economic loss to businesses spoiling products and production, Depreciating the reputation Causing economic loss Causing legal concern, etc.

For centuries, man is fighting against pests in various ways with the aim to safely prevent, reduce or eliminate these unwanted organisms.  Nowadays, the provision for Pest control in all Food activities has already been introduced to the legislation. However, management methods should be safe, effective accepted by the individual involved and cost effective and to the most possible extends friendly to the environment. To that extend the role of the Pest controller is crucial.

Before deciding to take on service a Pest control company consider the following:-

  • The ability to correctly diagnose and describe the problem you are facing,
  • The ability to clearly define the method/s within an action plan,
  • Implementation of comprehensive methods against chemical control,
  • Proof of public liability insurance coverage against you and your products and or belongings.spider_PNG39