About Us

GEO PEST CONSULTANTS Ltd was founded in 2001. Its headquarters are in Limassol , Cyprus  with activities  extended Nationwide. The company is supported by University qualified staff (BSc Hons Public and Environmental Health) with specialization in Medical Entomology, BSc Food Technology, etc. It is a member of the Cyprus Association of  Pest Controllers(Cyprus Pest Control Association – CPCA) and of the European Association (European Pest Control Associations – via CPCA). The company as well as the staff employed is registered with the Ministry Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment as Authorized to  Professional use of Biocidal Products.


Four Cypriots adequately trained, licensed as professional users of biocidal products, are employed. They have received basic training in the biology and general characteristics of the various pests of economic and health importance  as well as on the toxicity and  proper use of chemicals, the application of personal safety measures, protection of the surrounding environment, etc.


Depending on the characteristics of each case the proper equipment is used and specialized methods are employed.


Only formulations available on the local market approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment as pest control products are used.


The company is committed to  all the necessary insurance liabilities as provided by the relevant legislation, i.e. employer’s liability, public liability, etc.






BSc Food Technology, certificates of  attendance of seminars on Food Safety, on the Implementation and audit of HACCP systems etc.

Also certificates of attendance of seminars in pest control in commercial and private facilities, etc.

Registered as in charge of Authorized Professional biocides users.

Experience 16 years




BSc (Hons) in Public and Environmental Health, University of Surrey. Diploma for Sanitary Inspectors of the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health, London.

Education Certificate in entomology, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Certificate of training in laboratory methods for the detection of resistance to insecticides, University of California, Riverside, California. Certificate of attendance of training course in Comprehensive Vector Control, University of Pondicheri, India. Certificate in Pest Management, US Dep. of Health and Human Services. 


30 years of exercising  pest control duties. 10 years executing mosquito, flies, cockroaches resistance bioassays,

 Research Activity

Detection of resistance of pests to Pesticides. Alternative methods for resistance abatement and control of mosquitoes of Cyprus. 

Member of the Royal Society of Public Health, London